In logistics, receiving provides the setup for all other warehouse activities, so problems related to receiving affect the entire operation. In order to provide the best experience for your brand, PMI Logistics utilizes a methodical, repeatable, and scalable receiving process that is constantly being refined. This allows the inbound operation to pre-assign storage locations, make better use of resources, and move inventory as efficiently as possible.


With our state of the art scan to verify and print, you can ensure that we're sending out exactly what was ordered every time.Scan to Verify will confirm that the picker has the correct items to pack for an order. Scan to Verify provides audio and visual feedback when you scan an items barcode. This allows our staff to detect picking errors and confirm that the content is always correct.


With the growing use of media appliances like a Smartphone, laptop, computer with internet access, the horizon of eCommerce business development is expanding day-by-day.Due to the availability of gadgets and easy internet access has lead people to online shopping. Among many, increasing the tech-aware population, internet speed and connectivity mediums are the most influential factors for eCommerce business development in the world.


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